jim gray - managing partner

With over 25 years in the broadcasting business, Jim Gray has seen it all. He has served as on-air talent, News Director, Program Director, Sales Manager, Engineer, Director of Operations, and Station Manager. He has worked in small markets, major markets, public stations, LPFMs, and commercial stations all over the American Midwest and even Canada. He is a professor in the nationally accredited Mass Communications department at St. Cloud State University where he is the adviser for the broadcast program and teaches a variety of courses in radio, TV and other media. Jim serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Public Radio Engineers (APRE) and is a Broadcast Education Association (BEA) award winner in audio production. His areas of expertise include project planning and budgeting, consulting, managerial training, sales training, FCC compliance, voice/talent training, drone-based inspections & surveying, and general engineering. He now leads the OMG team of talented engineers.

MICHAEL JAMNICK - Founding Partner

Michel Jamnick has traveled through space and time to come here and deliver the most excellent engineering experience possible. He has built studios with only the power of his mind. Chuck Norris fears him and McGyver wants to be him. Mr. Jamnick provides the best engineering service money can buy, not to mention he is fireproof, breathes underwater, and sleeps standing up. He is also smart, good looking, always smells of fresh made brownies, and drives an eco-friendly hover car powered by the laughter of children.

Michael carries CBRE and CBNT certifications with 12 years in the field.


With over 15 years of experience in broadcast engineering and 20 years in IT, Alex has participated and lead in every facet of the technical side of broadcasting. From basic wiring to complete tower replacements, studio construction, product design, consultation, and even the occasional plumbing job. Alex specializes in the transmission side of the industry, working closely with vendors on troubleshooting design issues, measurement, and working closely with highly talented colleagues in AM and FM RF plant design. He has also been known to employ non-traditional items and methods in the broadcast industry to bridge the gap between the IT world and the broadcast facility. Alex is certified in many IT competencies, as well as being an SBE member, licensed amateur radio operator (KD0WHU), and an active participant in the Broadcast Warning Working Group.

PATRICK ST. JoHN - partner

Pat St. John was born in San Francisco, California, on February 24, 1955, to two University of Wisconsin graduate students who gave him up for adoption. Smart but directionless, Pat experimented with different pursuits before meeting Steve Wozniak and starting Apple Computers in 1976.  Wait... This is Steve Jobs... Meh, Pat is nearly as good with computers and IT Technology. Just give it some time.

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