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Orban Optimod-PC1100 Audio Processor, NEW in the box!

OPTIMOD-PC is a PCI sound card with on-board digital signal processing that’s suitable for both live streaming and on-demand programming. The DSP provides a loud, consistent sound to the consumer by performing stereo enhancement, automatic gain control, equalization, multiband gain control, and peak-level control. Includes the 1100CBXLR DB25-to-XLR breakout cable for the Optimod-PC 1100, making all audio I/O connections via 4 XLR female and 3 XLR male, color-coded and labelled connectors.


ElectroVoice N/D267a Microphone

This is the perfect microphone for field recording, remote broadcasts or guest mics in your studio. Several available. Discount for bulk buys.


OC White Mic Booms, black

The classic OC White mic boom.


OC White Mic Boom 12-inch Riser

A 12-inch riser for OC White mic booms. Several are available. discount for bulk buys. Gray colored risers are also available.


Fostex 6301B - 4 Inch Active Monitor Speaker 20W

Model 6301-series have been on the market since 1982 as the standard active monitor speaker in broadcast and production facilities. Sold individually. Several are available. Discount for bulk buys.


TASCAM CD-01U CD player, used

The TASCAM CD-01U is a CD player designed to fit into one rackspace. Several are available. This is NOT the "PRO" model with balanced outputs. Discounts for bulk buys


Comrex Hotline, complete set as pictured

The Comrex HotLine is a Digital Audio Coding device designed for use on analog, dial-up telephone lines. The HotLine integrates a high speed modem and a low bit rate audio coding algorithm, providing wideband audio in full duplex across the digital channel provided by the modems.


Harris Radio Systems 16000A Dist. Amp

1x8 or 2x4 Analog DA. Several are available. Discount for bulk buys.


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